Get More Cash at Closing When You Refinance with One of RP Funding’s Closing Cost Programs

We’ve paid $80 million in Closing Costs, see how much we’ll pay when you refinance. A closing cost credit from RP Funding means more cash in your pocket when accessing your home equity through a cash out refinance.

Your home equity could be the best way to finance home improvements, consolidate debt, make investments, or even make large purchases.

Refinance and Tap Into Your Home Equity With RP Funding!

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Refinance Programs

Refinancing is a great way to unlock your home equity, whether you would like to improve your home, consolidate debt, make large purchases or investments. Luckily, RP Funding has several different Refinance Programs to choose from including No Closing Cost Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance, Closing Cost Credit and more. With so many flexible options, we're confident we'll find the perfect program for you.

No Closing Cost Refinance

Get more cash at closing when you refinance with RP Funding’s No Closing Cost Refinance. Other lenders deduct the Closing Costs from your available home equity by financing those costs into the mortgage. With RP Funding's No Closing Cost Refinance, we'll pay your Closing Costs if you qualify, putting more money in your pocket. Apply today to see if you qualify to have your Closing Costs paid.

Cash-Out Refinance

Home values are at an all-time high which means it is likely that you have built up equity in your home. A Cash-Out Refinance lets you refinance your current mortgage, borrow more than you currently owe and keep the difference (home equity) as cash. It could be a great way to unlock your hard-earned equity and get the cash you need. Apply today to see if a Cash-Out Refinance is right for you.

Closing Cost Credit Program

If you do not qualify for a No Closing Cost Refinance, RP Funding also offers a Closing Cost Credit Program if you meet certain conditions. Apply today to see how much Closing Cost Credit you qualify for.

FHA Cash-Out Program

You might be able to refinance up to 80% of your home's value in order to cash out your equity. RP Funding also offers FHA Cash-Out Programs if you think this might be a good option for you. FHA Cash-Out loans allow lower credit scores and more flexible debt ratios than other cash-out programs.

VA Cash-Out Refinance

The VA cash-out refinance has exceptional benefits. It allows up to 100% financing, letting you tap all the equity available in your home. And veterans can use the VA cash-out refinance even if their current mortgage is not a VA loan. RP Funding has this option available for qualified veterans.

Rate Buydown Refinance

If you refinance with RP Funding, you may also have the option to lower your interest rate by paying an additional change. A lower interest rate can help you save big in the long run. Apply today to see if you qualify for a Rate Buydown Refinance.