Purchased a Home With Cash? Maximize Your Financial Benefits with an RP Funding After-Purchase Mortgage

Buying your home with cash gave you the competitive advantage of an all cash offer to win the bid, but now it's time to get your cash back and make sure you can get the best mortgage possible with RP Funding.

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In today's competitive real estate market, cash is king. In order to compete with investors, many homebuyers are tying up their life savings to make a cash offer on their new homes. This may help you win the offer, but having all your cash tied is usually not the best financial decision.

With RP Funding's After-Purchase Mortgage, you can get your cash back by taking out a mortgage after closing, and within the first 6 months of your purchase you have access to special program benefits.

If you are currently in the process of purchasing a home with cash, you can start the process with RP Funding even before you close on your new home. Take advantage now and lock in your interest rate today.

RP Funding specializes in helping cash buyers get their cash back to maximize their financial benefits and resources.

RP Funding Has Saved Over $80 Million in Closing Costs for Consumers Just Like You

After-Purchase Mortgage Advantages:

Receive preferred rates during the first 6 months after purchasing the home

Makes future refinancing easier; If rates drop in the future, refinancing with a mortgage will give you better rates/terms. As much as 3.125% less expensive than doing a "Cash-Out" Refinance.

At RP Funding, there is no Prepayment Penalty; If you change your mind, you can pay the loan off with no penalty, but if you do not act in the first 6 months of buying the home, you lose access to these special benefits

A fixed rate mortgage protects you from rising rates and inflation as the Fed continues to raise rates as much as 8 times over the next two years

Once this 6 month grace period ends you will no longer eligible for our special After-Purchase Mortgage pricing, which is much better than "Cash-Out" pricing

If you qualify for our No Closing Cost Refinance, you have nothing to lose since there are no Closing Costs, and you can pay the loan off at any time and still gain all of these benefits of our After-Purchase Mortgage

The After-Purchase Mortgage Offers:

No Waiting Period

The After-Purchase Mortgage is available immediately after you close on your new home, but only available for 6 months!

Multiple Property Applications

The After-Purchase Mortgage is available on primary residence, second home, and investment properties.

More Financing Than Competitors

Our After-Purchase Mortgage allows investors to have up to 10 financed properties, while most lenders limit you to only 4!

Who Is Eligible for an After-Purchase Mortgage?

  • Homebuyers who paid all cash for their new home
  • Properties with no liens
  • No personal relationship with the home seller
  • Up to 70% LTV

†Disclaimer: After-Purchase Mortgage program is available for up to six months after the cash purchase of a home. Six months is calculated from the date of the purchase to the disbursement date of the new mortgage loan. Original purchase transaction must have been an "arms-length" transaction. The original purchase must be documented with a Closing Disclosure confirming that NO mortgage financing was used to obtain the property. The property's title report must reflect that there are no existing liens on the property. If the funds used to purchase the home came from an unsecured loan or from a loan secured by another asset, this amount must be paid back and disbursed on the Closing Disclosure to the same source used for the purchase. Funds received as a gift and used for the purchase of the property may NOT be reimbursed with the proceeds of the new mortgage loan. The new mortgage loan amount cannot exceed the actual documented amount of the borrower's initial investment in the purchase of the property plus all closing costs, subject to maximum LTV restrictions. Some occupancy and property type combination restrictions apply. Contact a Loan Originator for complete details. Terms and conditions apply. Call for details.