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I'll Pay All of Your Closing Costs! Words in Red, the word All and Quotes are in Black color

ALL means ALL: I pay the Closing Fees, Title Insurance, Government Charges, Recording Fees, Appraisal and Lender Fees.*

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This offer may sound too good to be true, and that's exactly what YOUR BANK wants you to think. Be a smart consumer and read the 7 reasons I can actually make this offer and decide for yourself!

  1. Refinancing when there are NO CLOSING COSTS is a "NO BRAINER". By saving you money, I'm making it easy for you to say "yes" to doing business with RP Funding. We all know that time is money and by not having to spend time negotiating closing cost, we are also saving money. I know I like to save money, don't you?
  2. Unlike 93% of my competitors, RP Funding is a loan servicer. Servicers make .25% ($500 on a $200k loan) every year! As a result, we don't have to make all of our money up-front like other loan originators, we make money every year you keep the new loan. I'm happy to pay your closing costs today to get that income stream in the future.
  3. I don't have to pay out big commissions like my competitors, saving thousands per loan. Most mortgage loan officers are paid big commissions on each of their loan closings. At RP Funding, our Loan Officers are not paid for volume. They close, on average, 12-15 more loans each month than industry average because we have great deals like this one.
  4. These mortgage rates are so low, you will keep this loan for a long, long time. Since you will already have such a low rate, I am betting you will keep your loan with RP Funding longer than industry average. I'm counting on making you a customer for life with our great customer service, and this great deal. Don't just take my word for it - check out some of the testimonials of over 50 videos recorded right from the closing table. Hear our clients talk about their personal experience.
  5. I want bragging rights! I've paid out over $920,000 in closing costs a year, since I started this campaign. My goal is to get to $1,000,000 before the year ends so I can brag about it at next year's Mortgage Banker's Convention. I love to see other mortgage professionals' faces when I tell them why we are growing so fast. They already think I am nuts and they are really going to think I have lost it when I tell them how many refinances I closed while paying ALL of the closing cost.
  6. I've been doing things like this to help consumers save money for six years now. The rest of the mortgage industry thinks I'm crazy, but RP Funding is one of the fastest growing companies in Florida (so I must be doing something right). RP Funding was recognized multiple times by the Orlando Business Journal and by Florida's Governor, Rick Scott. We continued our reputation of excellence this year by earning a place on the Orlando Business Journal's Golden 100.
  7. We NEVER charge lender fees, not today, not tomorrow, not any day! (Without lender fees there are less closing costs that I have to pay) As a consumer-driven, direct lender we don't have to split our profits with brokers, branches or high commissioned loan officers. So even if you aren't in the market to refinance right now, or you're thinking about purchasing a home later on, keep us in mind. We are so confident we can save you money any day, we offer our $1,000 Best Mortgage Deal Guarantee** which means, if you find a better deal elsewhere, we will give you $1,000 after you close. So let's get started! Do your research and see I am for real. Then pick up the phone and give us a call. It's not every day you can refinance with NO CLOSING COSTS. You get all the savings with none of the costs - Toll Free (855) 773-8634

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*OFFER TO PAY ALL CLOSING COSTS: RP Funding will issue a lender credit at closing for the amount of all closing costs on a refinance loan. Lender credit will include the following fees: government recording charges, government stamps and intangible taxes, appraisal fee (collected at time of application and credited at closing), and all title charges, lender and other third party fees. RP Funding reserves the right to select the closing agent when paying the title charges.

*** $1,000 Mortgage Challenge/Guarantee requires minimum $100,000 loan amount, but does not include Jumbo Loans, which are loans for $424,100 or larger, and applies to Fixed Rate Loans Only. Does not apply if borrower is declined by RP Funding for not meeting credit or income program guidelines. Borrower must provide Loan Estimate Disclosure to RP Funding from competing lender on the same day the competitor's terms were offered. Loan program offered by competitor must be a program RP Funding offers. Does not apply to prior locks or terms. RP Funding must have an opportunity to beat the terms. In the event that RP Funding is unable to beat the terms of the competing lender, borrower must provide the final executed Closing disclosure, the first page of mortgage note after closing and funding, and the lock-in agreement dated the same day terms were presented to RP Funding, all of which will be used to verify competing lender's terms have not changed at closing. The $1,000 Mortgage Challenge/Guarantee is not applicable if the loan closes on terms different than those detailed in the Loan Estimate Disclosure provided to RP Funding. Change in terms include, but are not limited to, changes in loan amount, loan program, fees, discounts, lender credits, rate, APR, buydowns, years of term, origination, down payment, seller or any interested party credits, and within the time of the competitors initial lock in, or any other material loan changes not specifically mentioned here.

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