As a veteran, you are entitled to certain loan benefits.. Some of those benefits include special loans and rates when refinancing your home. This type of refinancing is known as a VA Streamline. With this type of loan, veterans are able to negotiate with the lender in order to receive the best interest rate possible. There is no "interest rate floor" so to speak. The best thing to do with any type of loan is shop around and get the best deal to save you the most money.

Refinancing using a VA Streamline should be relatively easy compared to other types of loans. With a normal loan the lender must verify all of the income and credit information that is supplied by the buyer. This can generally slow down the mortgage process, however, with a VA Streamline none of that is required. Income and assets don't have to be re-verified, which significally cuts down on the time it takes to process the loan.

When refinancing their homes, most people don't think to shop around. They are comfortable with who they bank with so they assume that's the best choice for their home loan as well. Unfortunately, big banks can sometimes get bogged down with the amount of customers they have which can cause a lull in handling their customer's needs in a timely fashion. This leads to unnecessary frustrations and stress for the borrower. Also, because of their high volume, big banks sometimes get the mentality that they don't have to do whats best for the consumer because the customers who bank with them will come to them for their home loan needs regardless. This can cause banks to not think of their customer's best interest when set their pricing, fees and closing costs.

So remember, when applying for a home loan, or any type of loan, make sure you are shopping around to receive the best possible rate to benefit and save you money. Give us a call at (321) 397-4420 or visit us on the web at and let us help you get the best rate possible for your home loan.